Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Shards of S'Darin available for the Kindle...

At last, Book Two of the In the Shadow of the Black Sun series is available on Amazon.com. Shards of S'Darin is about 80 pages longer than A Dream of Storms at the same price, $2.99. The storyline gets much darker as our heroes set off on a quest to reunite the staff of S'Darin, the most powerful mage that has ever existed.

Click here to visit the Amazon page for Shards of S'Darin.

And to purchase A Dream of Storms.

Full description:

Harquinn has fallen.

Malhain and the forces of Mournenhile now occupy the west's most important stronghold. After narrowly escaping the battle, Davaris, possibly now the last living mage, pulls the others along on a seemingly impossible quest; to gather the remnants of S'Darin's staff, destroyed on the battlefield years ago. The only person that knows the location of S'Darin's staff is a madman, now locked away in Harrow Isle, an island asylum only accessible through Pahn Pirik, the underground kingdom of the Dwarves. The true nature of Shindire's visit to the mainland becomes apparent as they set off on their long journey into the barren south.

The forest of Elfwhere has nearly been destroyed. Vasparian and Gorin return to the forest of the Elves in the hopes of defending its capital and rescuing Vasparian's family. Can the Elves convince the mysterious Addrefae to fight, unleashing their ancient sorcery against their common enemy?

Thousands strong, a shambling column of diseased people travel mindlessly toward the north. What is Trune's role in Mournenhile's evil plan and will the true nature of the plague finally be revealed?

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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Shards of S'Darin cover for print

Ok, everyone. Here is the finished cover to Shards of S'Darin, In the Shadow of the Black Sun: Book Two. Title and text has been added by my wife, the graphic design expert and the files have been uploaded to the appropriate places. I'm just waiting on the processing and approval for the Kindle and paperback versions. It's always exciting waiting for the printed proof to come in the mail. I can't wait to see it. When I received the proof for A Dream of Storms, it was like magic when I opened the package. I included the map in the book this time and I hope that it reads clearly. I know a lot of fantasy fans love to have a map of the world to refer to, myself included.

So, prepare yourselves. The book is about ready to go live and now the adventure continues....

Walk with the Wind,


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Shards of S'Darin cover (WIP)

This is where it started, the cover to Shards of S'Darin, part two of the In the Shadow of the Black Sun series. I wasn't happy with several things, so I've changed them for the better. Nearly complete on the colors now. I will post the final image here, of course. My lovely wife will be doing the graphic design elements for me. Thank you, Honey.

The second book is complete and I have a few people reading it and giving me feedback before I publish. So, there are still some corrections to be made, but it won't be long now. I'm very happy with the story and I hope that readers who enjoyed A Dream of Storms will find Shards of S'Darin an even better read. There will be at least one more book in the series, perhaps two. Book Two has ended up around 360 pages. That's 80 pages or so more than Book One. Not bad.

Now, I can finish that short story that I've been working on.

Walk with the Wind,


Friday, February 17, 2012


There were dragons then and we never lost a battle
With makeshift shields and stick-sword
Young. Bright-eyed
Until our mothers called us home
We parted with smiles and stories to tell
Around the table, my heart still pounded
The sweat drying at my temples
Tomorrow the dragons would come again
Vanishing days and vanishing friends
Fractured by time, I close my eyes
I see dragons no more

2012 William Kenney

Thursday, February 16, 2012

When Winter Fell

The Dark One said, "My time has come.
Empty the city, the enemy has won."
And he took the key and he slowly walked away.

Down streets he paved with grief and pain.
He tried so hard, but it seemed he tried in vain.
He sat alone on a lonely throne, started to fade.....away.

When Winter Fell on the Gates of Hell.

His Generals bowed their heads and sighed.
And lost pathetic souls, oh, how they cried.
Can it be true that the Prince of Lies, lied?

The Dark One rose aloft on leathery wings.
"Those that dwell above are despicable things."
He turned his eyes to the city, "This more will I say."

"Man has nothing to fear, if he should die.
For those that walk the Earth are far worse than I.
I shall never return to the Kingdom that burned."

When Winter Fell on the Gates of Hell.

Heaven's eyes are closed to me.

2012 William Kenney

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Angelus Singularis

A fragile garden in winter
The stones echo underfoot
Crosses line the hills today
twisted empty markers of wood

This bitter loneliness grips me
She's joined the others in an endless sleep
I kissed her once before I covered her face
I pray her soul that you keep

Can I truly be the last of my kind?

I'm all alone here
I'm all alone

And so the sun falls
They've gone away
Ironic prison
Is where I'll stay

How could I leave here
Without the key?
Will the creator
Remember me?

And so I dwell here
The angels reign now
forever gone

Heaven's promise
Where is it now?
Upon this cold stone
I lay me down

And some would say
He was never really there anyway
A creation we have made
A way to take control
And they all live in fear
Thinking he is here
And keep their crosses near
And pray to save their soul

2012 William Kenney

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Why we need Fantasy

        When I was 9 or 10 years old, my parents were divorced. I don't remember it that well, actually, just that my father took my younger brother away and I didn't see either one of them for 4 years. I tell you this because around this time I was given J.R.R. Tolkien's The Hobbit to read in school. I loved it. Devoured it. Wanted to live in Middle Earth. Soon, I was searching out and reading every fantasy story that I could find. I would hit all of the bookstores (when there still were many) and study the cover paintings, read the back cover blurbs. These stories pulled me away from the life I was living and I think they helped to fight away some of the emptiness that I was feeling at that time. That is what a great fantasy story does. They take you away to impossible worlds, worlds with amazing characters, horrifying creatures and the most evil of villains. Instead of sitting alone on my bed, missing my brother, I was traveling with a company of Dwarves and a hobbit toward the Lonely Mountain. I was creeping into Mordor undetected with Frodo and Sam. I was defending Helm's Deep. 
        There are certain books that will always have a place in my heart for that very reason. During a time of trouble, sorrow, loneliness, I disappeared. I vanished into another realm. That is the essence of fantasy. That is what I try to give the reader with my stories. In my world, Kirkaldin, you can lose yourself defending Elfwhere from the Pith with General Grael by your side. You can travel to Harrow Isle, an insane asylum surrounded by sea dragons in the company of Davaris, High Mage of Councilcrane. You can save the world alongside these extraordinary characters that, for a moment, seem real.
        I hope that somewhere, a person, no matter their age, is able to lose themselves in my books as I did when I was young. I needed that escape and I know others do as well. This is why I believe we all need a little fantasy. I'll see you across The Edge.

Walk with the Wind,