Sunday, March 23, 2014

Mournenhile book now live at Amazon!
Now available at 

         The bitter cold of Mournenhile's power has gripped the land, his horrific armies sweeping into the west, intent on destroying all who oppose him. His most deadly creations, his twin children born of a mortal woman, lead his armies against the servants of the Wind. Malhain now has command of S'Darin's ghost and his immense power. If he can reunite the broken pieces of the mage's staff, none will be able to stand against him.
        Windenn has returned, changed and all-powerful, also coveting this sacred artifact, her twisted mind set on destroying Mournenhile. Hagan and his companions reluctantly assist her in her quest of destruction, realizing quickly that bringing an end to one devil only replaces him with another.
        Elfwhere is in ashes and the Dwarven kingdom of Pahn Pirik is locked in a civil war brought on by the death of their Queen. With the help of the Addrefae, Vasparian once again leaves his homeland in the hopes of stopping the eastern army.
        When a young and foolish prince takes it upon himself to wrest Harquinn from Malhain's control, a chain of events will be set in motion, bringing Men, Elves and even Dwarves into a climactic battle that will change the state of the world of Kirkaldin forever.
Here is the link: Mournenhile

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Mournenhile now available at Smashwords!

I just published the third book of the In the Shadow of the Black Sun trilogy. It will take a day or two for it to go live on Amazon, but it is currently available on Smashwords. This book comes in at just under 500 pages. I hope you enjoy it.

Download from Smashwords HERE.