Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Return to Embremere Cover Art

The cover to Tales of Embremere, Part 2. The Kindle version of the book is now available for $2.99. I've introduced a much bigger cast of characters in this story and I truly hope you enjoy it. Will there be a part 3? Only after I finish In the Shadow of the Black Sun, Book 3. Working on the outline right now.

You guys have an awesome night/day.

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Monday, May 21, 2012

For your reading pleasure...

With all of this talk of cover art, I thought I would mention the books that I have written. These are all available on Click the cover image and you will be taken to the product page. For those who love a great fantasy tale, I give you:

In the Shadow of the Black Sun 
Book One:
A Dream of Storms

Twelve years ago, The Battle of the Black Sun had left Hagan scarred inside. The scent of blood and the incessant ring of steel were etched in his mind. Though his sword had turned the tides, he had sworn off war and become a recluse, retiring to the hills above his hometown of Lauden and turning to drink. He had hoped to be forgotten. The world would not let him forget the oath that he had sworn in his youth, however, and an honorable Stone Troll named Gorin was sent to convince Hagan to honor it. Councilcrane, the ruling body of mages, had summoned him to the city of Harquinn and Hagan knew that the threat of war from across The Edge must have returned.

Gorin brought ill tidings. Autumn had never come to Elfwhere, but the leaves had begun to fall, foretelling the return of the dark lord Mournenhile, thought destroyed all those years ago. Like an ungodly pairing of bat and wolf, Mournenhile's army of Pith have swarmed into the Elven forest bent on their utter destruction.

Reluctantly, Hagan must once more step into the horrors of war and offer his blade to the cause. Joined by his inexperienced younger brother, D'Pharin and a small group of new companions (Vasparian, an Elf that served with Hagan under the Black Sun, Windenn, the Woodwarden and Shindire, the haughty Elf from across The Sleeping Sea) he sets off for the ancient city of Harquinn with a heavy heart.

What will the mages ask of him this time? Memories of atrocities committed in the name of Harquinn flooded back into his mind.

Can he become the hero that he once was, redeeming himself and driving back the horrific creatures within the armies of Mournenhile?

Book Two:
Shards of S'Darin

 Malhain and the forces of Mournenhile now occupy the west's most important stronghold. After narrowly escaping the battle, Davaris, possibly now the last living mage, pulls the others along on a seemingly impossible quest; to gather the remnants of S'Darin's staff, destroyed on the battlefield years ago. The only person that knows the location of S'Darin's staff is a madman, now locked away in Harrow Isle, an island asylum only accessible through Pahn Pirik, the underground kingdom of the Dwarves. The true nature of Shindire's visit to the mainland becomes apparent as they set off on their long journey into the barren south.

The forest of Elfwhere has nearly been destroyed. Vasparian and Gorin return to the forest of the Elves in the hopes of defending its capital and rescuing Vasparian's family. Can the Elves convince the mysterious Addrefae to fight, unleashing their ancient sorcery against their common enemy?

Thousands strong, a shambling column of diseased people travel mindlessly toward the north. What is Trune's role in Mournenhile's evil plan and will the true nature of the plague finally be revealed?

Tales of Embremere:
Book One:

The majestic city of Embremere had been built on an immense platform high above the surface of the lake, with the poor and
criminal element creating their own society below it in a world they called The Under. Into this world, Grivvin Lo'Rynin is exiled. He is the last of the Wychan, Embremere's high order of wizards who have, over the generations, lost their power. And now he is an outcast.

As fate would have it, a young girl named Lyrica pulls him from the churning waves that night, saving his life and dragging him along on a dangerous adventure facing whirlpools, dragons and the grey-skinned fish-men called the Cuda, who cruelly rule The Under.

Can Grivvin survive in this strange land long enough to unlock the secrets of Wychan magic and seek revenge on the nobles that branded him useless?

What dark secrets lie at the bottom of Lake Embremere?

Tales of Embremere:
Book Two:
Return to Embremere

 Horrific creatures have begun to appear in The Under. Through the careless use of Wychan magic, Grivvin has unknowingly resurrected long dead monsters lying at the bottom of Lake Embremere. It is soon discovered that only magic can destroy them, physical weapons only stopping them temporarily. Even the vicious Cuda are threatened by the rising terror and through the kidnapping of a friend, force Grivvin to set about ridding The Under of this unholy horde.
Can Grivvin and his new friends find a way to destroy these creatures? Is his growing power strong enough? Will Modmargen, God of the Cuda live up to his end of their bargain?
Join a new cast of young characters in the latest installment in the Tales of Embremere series.

A horror novella

A madness had hung over the Dinbury house for years. After his father commits suicide in front of him and on a public street, Chet sets about trying to unravel the mystery of his father's insanity. What secrets lie hidden in his father's study, full of odd artifacts and books of ancient lore. What is that sickly sound that he hears in the night and why can't his wife hear it? Are the demons of madness now coming for him?

The sequel to Embremere is in the final stages and will soon be release in paperback and for the Kindle. Then, it's on to the third book of In the Shadow of the Black Sun.

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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Newest cover painting - Covenant of the Faceless Knights

Here is my latest cover painting. It's the cover to the second printing of Covenant of the Faceless Knights: Beginnings by Gary Vanucci. I really like the way this turned out. I put a lot of effort into each cover that I do. It has to please the author and fit his vision for the world.

This cover should bring him more readers. The cover makes you open the book, right? After that, it's up to the author. This book should be released sometime this month, so watch for it, buy it, enjoy it and let Gary know what you thought by leaving a review. Prospective readers check the reviews to decide if they want to take a chance on the story. If you were going to order a blender from Amazon, wouldn't you read the reviews first? Exactly.

Gary's books can be found at this LINK at Amazon for the Kindle.

What do you think? If you are a fan of fantasy, would this get your attention?


Tuesday, May 8, 2012

I believe in Magic

In a sense. Not in the sense that I believe one can throw one's hand in the air and conjure fingers of lightning to vanquish one's foes, but in another sense entirely. I believe that words are magic. How else can you explain the wondrous ability for simple black letters on an off-white page to transport you to otherworldly places populated with the most amazing characters that you either love or despise? For a short time, your mind actually suspends its disbelief. For a time, you are there. You can hear the wind in the trees of Elfwhere, feel the soft earth under your feet as you pass beneath the great, twisting branches. You can actually feel the tremendous heat in the underground passages that lead to Harrow Isle as you travel with a group of Dwarves from the kingdom of Pahn Pirik.
Mike Haufe
For a time, the characters are alive. They become your companions as you join them on their quest or stand by their side in battle. Your mind assigns each character its own individual voice, because you want them to be alive. Can you hear the rough, gravelly voice of Gorin, the Stone Troll. I know you can. Can you hear the unnatural hiss of Mournenhile's servants, the Inquitis? It sends shivers up your spine, doesn't it?
I call that magic, my friends. For these are simple pieces of paper with letters on them. Put the letters, words, sentences and paragraphs in the right order and it's the same as that lightning spell that I spoke of. Great books create a new reality in your mind. The characters feel as if they belong to you and in a sense, they do.

Could anything be more magical?


A Dream of Storms available on Amazon for the Kindle or in paperback.

Monday, May 7, 2012

The Farmhouse Secret cover art

The cover to The Farmhouse Secret by Nicole Hardison

Here's the latest cover image that I've done. This shows you that I can do images other than guys with armor and monsters. Lol. See? No swords, no dragons and no alien-looking landscapes.

Once again, if you are an author in need of cover art for your next book, please contact me. You will not be sorry.


Sunday, May 6, 2012

New art and writing update

While I pound away at the keyboard, working on Ghosts of Embremere and outlining In the Shadow of the Black Sun, Book 3, I thought I would post a new piece of art here. It's a sample done completely in Photoshop as a submission to Wizards of the Coast. Think they can use me over there?

I'm nearly at the halfway point in Ghosts and hope to finish it before the end of May. Then I have to work on the cover art as well. Sigh. Very soon you will be able to see the cover I did for Gary Vanucci's re-release of Covenant of the Faceless Knights: Beginnings. It turned out really nice.

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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Original Art - Vampirella and Spider-Woman

I'm offering original art for sale through my blog. If you are interested in purchasing either of the pieces in this post, please message me or email at Make me an offer that I can't refuse. LOL. Each piece is rendered in graphite on 8.5 x 11 Canson bristol board. Paypal payments only, please. Paypal email is

Patient by William Kenney


I could only partially open my eyes against the white glare above. A blurry figure moved up alongside the bed and roughly touched my arm, encircling my wrist for a moment, then, releasing it. My mind was a jumble of thoughts, overrun by confusion. My eyes darted about as I tried to focus on the woman that attended me, but she remained a soft and formless, ghost-like figure, the darkness of her eye sockets staring back at me, hauntingly. Her stark white uniform shifted about like a hovering specter, the darkness of her hair, a black halo. I assumed she was a nurse, the owner of the soothing voice that addressed me from above as I lie in the bed.
"It's okay," she said, her voice caressing me. Her breath was warm and sweet in my face. "We're going to take care of you."
How did I end up here?
I tried to speak, but couldn't find my voice, gurgling and choking instead.
I felt cold and shivered a bit as the woman's movements kicked up a slight breeze. I noticed another figure, appearing like a shadow to my left. This person reached out both hands and there came a slight tugging in my abdominal region. I was still far too groggy to lift my head and investigate the procedure that was taking place.
Blinking repetitively, I tried to clear my vision, to no avail. Somewhere within the room, a machine beeped out a quick rhythm. My pulse, I assumed. It sounded much too fast. What was wrong with me? Was this normal?
"Something wrong?" this new figure asked in an almost sing-song manner. It appeared as if I gazed upon her from the bottom of the sea, her face distorted and altogether disturbing. I could hear an odd thumping as she drew close and my stomach suddenly growled with hunger.
There was a loud banging sound as the door to the room burst open, the nurses turning and shouting in anger at the apparent intruder.
"What are you doing?" shouted one of them. "You can't be in here. This is a restricted a-"
Her voice was cut off then and I could hear the low, wet thump of her body hitting the floor.
My thoughts were chaos.
Why can't I see? What is happening?
I heard the other nurse scream for security, then fall silent among a clattering of metal utensils and pans.
A large form loomed over me, darker than the others had been, and exuded extreme cold. A long, pale face moved in close to mine with a ghastly smile and an ancient, musty odor. He turned and addressed someone across the room.
"He's fine, he's fine. Everything went according to plan."
He then turned back to me.
"It worked," he said with a whispered laugh as he searched my body with his eyes. "You were right all along. It worked. I didn't think it was possible. You were near death and look at you now."
"They did a fine job extracting you. If they had only known..."
He and the other unseen person began to laugh quietly, their voices echoing oddly in the small, white room.
"Come over, Matthias. Just look at him. The first Vampyr Lord to make the transfer, reborn in the body of a human newborn. He will reign for eons."
They wrapped me in a blanket and took me from the nursery, their leathery wings dragging the floor behind us.