Monday, December 31, 2012

The Eve....

As I write this, it has begun to snow in the St. Louis area. It's really rather beautiful as long as I'm not driving in it. The flakes are piling on top of one another and now completely covering the surface of the deck out back. And it's New Year's Eve.

It's always a time of reflection, isn't it? Another year ending, a new one beginning with so many possibilities, so many goals. I have promised myself that I will finish Book 3 in my In the Shadow of the Black Sun series. It may be the conclusion to the series, I'm not sure yet. I won't be one of those authors that stretch out the story just to have more books. Not a fan of that technique. At this point, I've written the first chapter and have started on the second.  Honestly, there are still times when I feel like I don't know what the Hell I'm doing with the story. Thankfully, as it has every time in the past, the pieces fall into place, the characters tell me where they are going and the tale unfolds in a satisfying manner.

There are times when I wonder who is really reading this. Is it a waste of time to add to this blog? Are there readers out there just waiting for the next installment? Some days I like to think so. Anyway, I'm glad that you are here, whoever you are.

I've started reading American Gods by Neil Gaiman and highly recommend it. He has a magic in his words without doubt. The sentences seem very natural and unforced. I like the observations that the characters make, the odd things that they notice. This is the way most people observe things, I think. I look out on the snow-covered deck and notice the white blanket of flakes, but what strikes me are the three dead and shriveled tomatoes that rest there in the cold.

I discovered Neil's writing when I worked at a local comic book store. Customers kept recommending Sandman to me and our store had every volume on our shelves. On a slow day I decided to crack open Preludes and Nocturnes and I literally could not stop until I had finished every book that we had. I loved the mythology that he had created. In a shop full of Superheroes, it was a welcome escape. The stories seemed so much more meaningful to me. When I finish American Gods, I will most likely read another Gaiman book. Any suggestions?

To you, I wish a Happy New Year. I hope that the obstacles standing in your way, fall to the side and dissolve into nothingness. I hope you have great success in whatever goal you have set for yourself. If you are a reader of the things that I write, I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your support and feedback. There are so many more stories that I will publish. I can't wait to show you what is in store. I have a great futuristic story waiting to come out. All of the characters are fleshed out and the basic story as well. It'll be a fun ride.

Lastly, I would like to wish a Happy New Year to my brothers of Skulldust Circle. All great writers that you should be checking out. Visit the Skulldust blog. Links to all of their books can be found along the right side column.

Have a great night and be safe.

Walk with the Wind.