Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Angelus Singularis

A fragile garden in winter
The stones echo underfoot
Crosses line the hills today
twisted empty markers of wood

This bitter loneliness grips me
She's joined the others in an endless sleep
I kissed her once before I covered her face
I pray her soul that you keep

Can I truly be the last of my kind?

I'm all alone here
I'm all alone

And so the sun falls
They've gone away
Ironic prison
Is where I'll stay

How could I leave here
Without the key?
Will the creator
Remember me?

And so I dwell here
The angels reign now
forever gone

Heaven's promise
Where is it now?
Upon this cold stone
I lay me down

And some would say
He was never really there anyway
A creation we have made
A way to take control
And they all live in fear
Thinking he is here
And keep their crosses near
And pray to save their soul

2012 William Kenney

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