Thursday, February 16, 2012

When Winter Fell

The Dark One said, "My time has come.
Empty the city, the enemy has won."
And he took the key and he slowly walked away.

Down streets he paved with grief and pain.
He tried so hard, but it seemed he tried in vain.
He sat alone on a lonely throne, started to fade.....away.

When Winter Fell on the Gates of Hell.

His Generals bowed their heads and sighed.
And lost pathetic souls, oh, how they cried.
Can it be true that the Prince of Lies, lied?

The Dark One rose aloft on leathery wings.
"Those that dwell above are despicable things."
He turned his eyes to the city, "This more will I say."

"Man has nothing to fear, if he should die.
For those that walk the Earth are far worse than I.
I shall never return to the Kingdom that burned."

When Winter Fell on the Gates of Hell.

Heaven's eyes are closed to me.

2012 William Kenney


  1. Interesting poem, I like the metre. I think it conveys the idea well.

    1. Thank you, Paul. I was inspired to post some of my poetry/songs by visiting your blog. I enjoy your work very much.