Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Shards of S'Darin available for the Kindle...

At last, Book Two of the In the Shadow of the Black Sun series is available on Amazon.com. Shards of S'Darin is about 80 pages longer than A Dream of Storms at the same price, $2.99. The storyline gets much darker as our heroes set off on a quest to reunite the staff of S'Darin, the most powerful mage that has ever existed.

Click here to visit the Amazon page for Shards of S'Darin.

And to purchase A Dream of Storms.

Full description:

Harquinn has fallen.

Malhain and the forces of Mournenhile now occupy the west's most important stronghold. After narrowly escaping the battle, Davaris, possibly now the last living mage, pulls the others along on a seemingly impossible quest; to gather the remnants of S'Darin's staff, destroyed on the battlefield years ago. The only person that knows the location of S'Darin's staff is a madman, now locked away in Harrow Isle, an island asylum only accessible through Pahn Pirik, the underground kingdom of the Dwarves. The true nature of Shindire's visit to the mainland becomes apparent as they set off on their long journey into the barren south.

The forest of Elfwhere has nearly been destroyed. Vasparian and Gorin return to the forest of the Elves in the hopes of defending its capital and rescuing Vasparian's family. Can the Elves convince the mysterious Addrefae to fight, unleashing their ancient sorcery against their common enemy?

Thousands strong, a shambling column of diseased people travel mindlessly toward the north. What is Trune's role in Mournenhile's evil plan and will the true nature of the plague finally be revealed?

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