Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Shards of S'Darin cover (WIP)

This is where it started, the cover to Shards of S'Darin, part two of the In the Shadow of the Black Sun series. I wasn't happy with several things, so I've changed them for the better. Nearly complete on the colors now. I will post the final image here, of course. My lovely wife will be doing the graphic design elements for me. Thank you, Honey.

The second book is complete and I have a few people reading it and giving me feedback before I publish. So, there are still some corrections to be made, but it won't be long now. I'm very happy with the story and I hope that readers who enjoyed A Dream of Storms will find Shards of S'Darin an even better read. There will be at least one more book in the series, perhaps two. Book Two has ended up around 360 pages. That's 80 pages or so more than Book One. Not bad.

Now, I can finish that short story that I've been working on.

Walk with the Wind,



  1. That's a great cover! I'm looking forward to book two!

    1. Thanks! I put a lot into the book and the cover. Hopefully, it will bring attention to the series. Putting the finishing touches on the cover right now. Looks really cool in color.