Tuesday, April 10, 2012

You should be reading this book

I've created the fantasy world called Kirkaldin. This realm is divided, from north to south, by an invisible boundary known by the inhabitants as The Edge. Beyond The Edge, to the east, is the land ruled by Mournenhile, the embodiment of ultimate evil and bane of all that is good. He has returned. Throughout the land there are signs, omens that can point only to that very fact. The mutilated body of a young woman is found under Klaemen's Arch, tiny footprints leading away from her corpse, traveling east. The Pith, Mournenhile's horrible creatures, like a cross between bat and wolf, attack Elfwhere where autumn has now fallen. Never before have the trees lost their leaves, never before has an army dared to attack the Elves. Now, the forest burns.
In the city of Harquinn, one of the west's most important strongholds, the mages of Councilcrane send for Hagan Marindel, one of the land's most legendary heroes. It was his blade that turned the tides during The Battle of the Black Sun and sent Mournenhile's forces retreating back into the east twelve years ago. The Stone Troll, Gorin, had been given the task of returning Hagan to the Council, for now that the darkness once again crept across the land, Hagan's sword would be needed again.
Horrible things had happened during The Battle of the Black Sun. Hagan had cut himself off from the world, retreated into the hills and tried to forget the unthinkable things that he had done to protect the peoples of the west. Would he return with Gorin to Harquinn? Would he once again lend his blade to the side of good?

You'll have to read A Dream of Storms to find out. Find out why this book has a 4.7 out of 5 star average rating on Amazon.

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