Saturday, April 14, 2012


The new book is officially finished! I've sent copies off to a few people, to get their feedback before I publish. I also have to finish the cover art. This one is very challenging, which seems strange I'm the one who decides on the concept. Oh well, I guess I like to challenge myself. I hope to have the art done before the weekend is over. We shall see.

Digital Sketch-William Kenney
Anyway, this story features younger characters and feels a bit more like a Young Adult story. My other fantasy stories would also be suitable for young adults as well. This new book and the In the Shadow of the Black Sun books have no profanity or sexual situations in them. The horror book that I am working on has enough to go around.

If enough people like the new book, I would like to write a sequel. It's already outlined in my head and ready to be written.

I've also been getting a lot of questions about doing cover art, so I think that's going to keep me pretty busy. If you have a question or comment, just drop a note here or email me at

Have a great one, everybody.



  1. You are a writing machine! Keep it up, my friend. Something has to give. I believe that hard work is rewarded sooner or later, so keep at it.

    1. Thanks, Gary. It's like trying to tear down a stone wall with a plastic spoon.