Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Here's the news that everyone has been waiting for. My new fantasy novel is finished! Click here to visit the Amazon page! Here's a brief synopsis:

The majestic city of Embremere had been built on an immense platform high above the surface of the lake, with the poor and
criminal element creating their own society below it in a world they called The Under. Into this world, Grivvin Lo'Rynin is exiled. He is the last of the Wychan, Embremere's high order of wizards who have, over the generations, lost their power. And now he is an outcast.

As fate would have it, a young girl named Lyrica pulls him from the churning waves that night, saving his life and dragging him along on a dangerous adventure facing whirlpools, dragons and the grey-skinned fish-men called the Cuda, who cruelly rule The Under.

Can Grivvin survive in this strange land long enough to unlock the secrets of Wychan magic and seek revenge on the nobles that branded him useless?

What dark secrets lie at the bottom of Lake Embremere?

And here's another example of my cover art for you authors out there. A great cover can really push your books over the top. Well, that's all for now. It's midnight here and I'm zombified.



  1. Sounds great! Just took a look at it on the website and it is a great price so on the weekend I think I'll treat myself to it (and the Shards of S'Darin) :)

  2. Thanks! I appreciate your support and hope you enjoy the stories!