Sunday, March 11, 2012

Undergrowth, for sale on Amazon

The cover to Undergrowth
Have any of you given my horror novella a try? Any thoughts? It's my homage to Lovecraft and Poe. They always give me a certain creepy feeling when I read them and with this, I was striving for the same. If printed, this would be roughly 35 pages, so it's a fairly quick read. I plan to expand a bit and publish some of the things that I have written outside of the fantasy realm.
There are more horror stories coming and even a cyberpunk tale on the horizon. The story that I am currently working on could even be considered Young Adult.
In other news, I watched the movie, Immortals, Saturday night. Yikes. I'll leave my comments about that movie on a separate post.

I welcome any comments or questions.



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