Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Hello all. I should be releasing this novelette in the next few days. I consider it an homage to Lovecraft, whose creepiness I enjoy. I painted the cover as well with Graphic Design help from my wife, as always. You'll be able to find this on Amazon for the Kindle. I think I'll be charging only 99 cents for the book. Perhaps one day, I will collect my shorter stories into one collection.

In other news, sales of the In the Shadow of the Black Sun saga are great with the new release of Shards of S'Darin. David Woods and I are still forging ahead with our horror novel and I have several other projects going at the same time. I can't help it. My mind never rests. Fantasy, Horror, Cyberpunk, Science Fiction, Urban Fantasy. It's all in there just waiting to come out.

Your comments are always appreciated and thank you for visiting.

Walk with the Wind (But don't get tangled in the undergrowth.)


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