Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The untitled blog post

Hi everyone in cyber-land,

I hope everything is going well. It's much of the same here. Crazy storm last night, lots of wind, thunder. Possibly the doing of Mournenhile. Of course, the writing continues on Shards of S'Darin as well as a few other stories that I am writing simultaneously (Horror collaboration, solo horror book, fantasy short story). My brain seems to work like that. I have multiple worlds in my head at the same time. Not really sure how I keep all of the details separate, but it seems to work. I'm considering entering a short story contest that's coming up. Short stories are a completely different animal than long-form works. Usually, when I attempt a short story, it grows into something much more complex. I grow too fond of the setting and characters to just leave it in a short form. I end up expanding it into something larger.
I'm also providing artwork for other writer's stories as well, interior and cover art. Art is one of my other passions, along with music. As soon as the books are published, I will display some of the pieces here.
Would anyone like to see an excerpt from the new book?



  1. Given time commitments, I did not read the fiction, BUT,your post hit home. As a child of a dysfunctional family, I disappeared into books for years. Well written.

  2. Thanks for the comment, Nancy. In their way, books save lives and take away pain. Of that, there is no doubt.