Thursday, January 19, 2012

Hello UK fantasy fans...

I'm a little frustrated in my attempt to reach fans in the UK. When A Dream of Storms was first published last year, I had a few sales from the UK right off the bat. Now, rarely do I sell books in the UK. My book is available in many countries, but I don't expect many sales in countries where English is not the native tongue. If you have any ideas on how I can connect with UK fantasy fans, I would greatly appreciate them.
I've written 280 pages of Shards of S'Darin. We get to see the birthing pools of the Pith, across the Edge in the land of Mournenhile. Toxic, black and churning pools overseen by a massive stone citadel. What else lies across the Edge? We will soon find out.
I am also providing the artwork for an RPG supplement that is scheduled to be released in February. Drawing a lot of character illustrations for the interior. It's going to look great when they finish it up. Can't wait to see it. I'll post a link here, when it's published. I've always had a love for the RPG world. Played D&D when I was younger and still have all of the materials on my bookshelves. D&D opened up many young minds and produced some great authors who were inspired by the adventures within the game. Ok. Geektime is over.
I have no specific date for the publication of Shards of S'Darin and no fixed page count that I am shooting for. I know where the story will go and where it will conclude. I will continue writing until I reach that point. Another 100 pages or so? 150? Not sure. I've introduced many new characters and many new settings. More Trolls. Dwarves. An Illumystic named Adara. Wait until you read it.

Have a great one and feel free to send me a message with comments or questions.

Walk with the Wind,


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