Thursday, September 13, 2012

From the mouths of readers

 Just wanted to share some reviews that I am particularly proud of.

"The authenticity of this book really astounded me. Everything just seemed flawlessly believable, and the dialogue especially added to this. It just seemed to flow effortlessly, the language suited the text and the storyline perfectly, things that I appreciate in a fantasy novel."

"There are many things to keep going in any fantasy genre to suspend your belief for a few moments here and there and William does it like a pro. This novel is on par with anything in the genre for sale today in my opinion. His characters have depth, emotion, and motivations and the journey is worth it."

"The one thing I enjoyed about this book; the originality. It deals with the good versus evil theme but there are some characters introduced who are not all that they seem, and I do enjoy reading about complicated characters."

 "A great story that had me sitting on the edge of my seat, worrying over the characters and the ending (what an ending!) has made me very, very eager to read the next novel in this new (and promising!) series, a series that deserves its place on my bookshelf next to my fantasy favourites."

"His world building is excellent. It is skillfully done, rarely intruding on the action, and filled with wonderful details: the Woodwardens; the mysterious Wisp; the decrepit city of Overbrook; the Talon; Elfwhere; the Inquitis, demonic creatures. It hangs together with a real depth, a sense of history that is vital for good fantasy to work."

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