Thursday, July 28, 2011

Chomping at the bit

The next few days will be spent re-reading my fantasy novel, A Dream of Storms and checking for errors of any kind. Then, once any mistakes have been corrected, I can approve the paperback and they will be available on Amazon. Can't wait.

Yes, I will sign copies for all of you people that I see face to face. Others, send a self addressed stamped envelope and green tea flavored Kit Kats and I'll think about it.

It's certainly incredible to be able to walk around with my own book in my hands. A bit of an accomplishment, I suppose.

Until next time. Same Bat-time, same Bat-channel.


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Paperback proof has arrived.

Ok, I've finally gotten an actual print copy of my fantasy novel, A Dream of Storms. It is an awesome feeling to hold it in my hands. Now, I have to go over every word before I approve it. Any tiny mistakes must be corrected, although I really want to just approve it and make it available. The cover looks great, really happy with that. I'm also happy with my decision to go with the cream-colored paper instead of bright white. Looks nice and it's easier on the eyes.
In just a few days it should be online to purchase. Thanks for waiting.


Thursday, July 21, 2011

A Dream of Storms paperback soon to be released!

Hey everyone,
It should only be a few more days until the paperback version of my fantasy novel is available on A lot of people have told me that they prefer the actual printed version as opposed to the eBook. Ask and ye shall receive.

Have a great one.


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Amazing 5 star review on Amazon!

My new fantasy novel A Dream of Storms just received a 5 star review from a customer who purchased the eBook. I truly hope that this attracts more readers. Thank you.

I have begun work on Book Two of the In the Shadow of the Black Sun series. The outline has been done for some time now, but now the official writing begins. Roughly 2200 words so far and since I am dead tired, I believe I will head to bed now.

Good night (check local listings).


Monday, July 18, 2011

A Dream of Storms eBook now available!

Here is the Amazon page to download A Dream of Storms. Remember you don't have to have a Kindle to read this book. Amazon offers several free eReaders for PC, Mac, iPhone, etc. Download the proper software and you can read on your specific device.

Click here to check out the book.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Front cover revealed!

       Here is the completed front cover to A Dream of Storms, my first fantasy novel. The artwork was created by me and the graphic design was done by my wife, Frances. I would love to hear your constructive comments on this cover. 

Friday, July 15, 2011

A Dream of Storms Back Cover Blurb

       The leaves were falling in Elfwhere. Autumn had never come to the land of the Elves. It was a sign. The dark one, Mournenhile had returned, reborn into the world of Kirkaldin. He was thought destroyed twelve years ago during the Battle of the Black Sun. Hagan Marindel had emerged from that battle a hero. The world sang his praises and showered him with gifts. He had rejected it all, instead returning home and going into a drunken seclusion. He had become a hollow, wretched shell of his former self.

      Until now.

       The Stone Troll, Gorin, carried out an impossible quest, to retrieve Hagan and return him to Harquinn, where the mages rule. Hagan had sworn an oath, all those years ago and Gorin would hold him to it.

       Reluctantly, Hagan sets out once again for that ancient city and the coming war, pulled back into the life he had vowed to forget. This time, he has his younger brother to protect and a small group of companions. Windenn, the Woodwarden, Vasparian, Wood Elven General from Elfwhere and Shindire, arrogant High Elf from across the Sleeping Sea.

      Armies march across the Edge of an unimaginable size, filled with unknown creatures and the vile Pith, determined to destroy their world. The servants of Mournenhile are everywhere, always hunting, searching for the hero of the Black Sun.

      Can Hagan become that hero once more, redeeming himself and protecting the land from the coming horde?

       Artist and Graphic Novelist William Kenney, turns his powerful imagination to storytelling in his first Fantasy Fiction publication.  A vivid rendition of the classic story of the battle between good and evil.  Strong characterization and a compelling storyline keep the reader riveted and the pages turning in his first full-length novel, A Dream of Storms, book one of the In the Shadow of the Black Sun series.

Sneak peek at the cover to A Dream of Storms

Vasparian Grael, Hagan, Gorin, Windenn and D'Pharin from A Dream of Storms, In the Shadow of the Black Sun: Book One. The fantasy novel will be available shortly for the Kindle and in paperback form. 550 pages.