Friday, July 15, 2011

A Dream of Storms Back Cover Blurb

       The leaves were falling in Elfwhere. Autumn had never come to the land of the Elves. It was a sign. The dark one, Mournenhile had returned, reborn into the world of Kirkaldin. He was thought destroyed twelve years ago during the Battle of the Black Sun. Hagan Marindel had emerged from that battle a hero. The world sang his praises and showered him with gifts. He had rejected it all, instead returning home and going into a drunken seclusion. He had become a hollow, wretched shell of his former self.

      Until now.

       The Stone Troll, Gorin, carried out an impossible quest, to retrieve Hagan and return him to Harquinn, where the mages rule. Hagan had sworn an oath, all those years ago and Gorin would hold him to it.

       Reluctantly, Hagan sets out once again for that ancient city and the coming war, pulled back into the life he had vowed to forget. This time, he has his younger brother to protect and a small group of companions. Windenn, the Woodwarden, Vasparian, Wood Elven General from Elfwhere and Shindire, arrogant High Elf from across the Sleeping Sea.

      Armies march across the Edge of an unimaginable size, filled with unknown creatures and the vile Pith, determined to destroy their world. The servants of Mournenhile are everywhere, always hunting, searching for the hero of the Black Sun.

      Can Hagan become that hero once more, redeeming himself and protecting the land from the coming horde?

       Artist and Graphic Novelist William Kenney, turns his powerful imagination to storytelling in his first Fantasy Fiction publication.  A vivid rendition of the classic story of the battle between good and evil.  Strong characterization and a compelling storyline keep the reader riveted and the pages turning in his first full-length novel, A Dream of Storms, book one of the In the Shadow of the Black Sun series.

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