Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Horror on the Horizon

So, as you know, I am currently working on the follow-up to A Dream of Storms. Shards of S'Darin continues the story of Hagan, Vasparian, Gorin and the others and their efforts to stop the armies of Mournenhile. What will it take to defeat the dark lord? The Pith, the foul creatures brought into existence by Mournenhile, are destroying everything in their path.  New characters and places. More glimpses into the history of these characters. I wish I could publish it right now, but it's not even half complete.
What you may not know is that I am collaborating on a horror novel as well. A friend, David Woods (follow him on Twitter, if you like) and I are currently outlining the story, creating characters and their names, locations and events. I've always loved horror and have always wanted to try my hand at it. We'll see how well the story works once we're finished. I love it so far.
One thing that I hate about writing is that you can write for hours and only have 3 more pages. They keys are clacking away, non-stop. You look at the clock. You look at your page count. Huh? Oh well, every page counts. A few pages a day adds up to a finished story.
I truly hope that all of you out there that have read A Dream of Storms have enjoyed the characters (good and evil) and the plot. It only gets better from here on out. These characters belong to you now as well and I do feel a responsibility to treat them with respect. If you haven't left a review for the book, please do. It will help convince others to try it. Many thanks to those that have gone out of their way to contact me and send me their compliments. I appreciate it.
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Walk with the Wind


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