Thursday, December 8, 2011


So, I've really had to learn how to flip that switch in my mind lately. The switch that changes my attitude from fantasy to horror and back again. I'm writing both Shards of S'Darin and the new horror book (title currently a well-guarded secret) at the same time. It's not that difficult, both stories being so different. I've always been a fan of several different genres and have always wanted to take a stab at them. The horror book is set in modern times, so my writing style is much more casual and loose. My collaborator, David Woods and I have decided to alternate chapters. I've begun the first one, then he'll take the next. We've decided to keep the chapters relatively short, so that one writer doesn't 'take over' the story too much. Each should have a fair share of input.
I'm also working on some artwork for other author's books. Many people noticed the cover on A Dream of Storms and liked it a lot. Once they discovered that I had drawn and painted it, they inquired about having my art in their books as well. That's something else that I thoroughly enjoy, bringing other people's ideas to life. I've always done it. Years ago, working at a comic book shop, I would be constantly asked to draw people's characters (often role-playing characters) or superheroes. It was always great to see their expressions when they were handed my representation of their ideas. When their imaginations can be brought to life, they are very happy and I get a feeling of satisfaction.
So, here I sit with my little boy, watching him during the day, writing while he naps. Will what I write make a difference in the grand scheme of things? Who knows? But, when even one person writes to me and expresses how much they love my stories or characters, I get that same sense of satisfaction. I just love to create, whether it is with the written word or through art or music. I suppose I will always be creating even if no one ever experiences it but myself. I can't help it.


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