Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Battle of the Black Sun

Book Two of the In the Shadow of the Black Sun series is coming along nicely. I've gotten a decent amount of work done on it. I am into Chapter 3 now and am excited by the new directions that things are going in. Can't give away too much although I would love to discuss it here. Have you read Book One? Do you have any questions or comments about the story? Ask away. I will respond to every one of them.

Many people have suggested writing about the actual Battle of the Black Sun. I refer to the battle many times in Book One and it had a deep effect on the main character, Hagan. I have considered it in the past, possibly putting together The Journal of Hagan Marindel. This would be his personal account of what happened from the moment he enlisted until the final day of the battle. Any comments about doing such a book? I would be interested in hearing your opinion.

Well, I'm off. Book Two will not write itself.... or will it?


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  1. I would be careful about doing a prequel until you have at least a few books out allready. They can be messy and might change the way you finish the entire series. That said, I would love to see said book eventually.