Saturday, October 27, 2012

Book 3

Hey there.

Well, I've been getting some writing done on Book 3 of In the Shadow of the Black Sun. Still working on the first chapter, trying to set things up properly. We will delve into the human cities in the south and bring in several characters from that region. Malhain will show no mercy as the darkness of his master shrouds the land. How will the side of good stand against this onslaught?

I have found that much of my time is spent thinking these things through, possible outcomes and character interactions. I write a few paragraphs, then stop to think. The beginning of each story is this most difficult part for me. Once things are set in motion, it becomes much easier to simply follow the characters as they set off on their own. It truly seems as if they guide the story. After all, the writer has created them, their personalities. They can only respond within those given parameters, right? Just a thought.

I'm hoping that with the upcoming release of The Hobbit film, readers will be more curious about books within the fantasy genre and therefore the books that I have written. It is no easy task to keep the reader's eyes on your creations. There's only so much you can do to get noticed. I hope that you will give the writers of Skulldust Circle a chance and download our books or better yet, try the anthology book, A Gathering of Dust. You'll have a sample story from each of us. See what you like and what you don't, then pursue the other books by the authors that you enjoyed. There's a lot of magic within those pages, trust me.

Do you have any questions about my stories? Wondering if I will ever reveal the background of a certain character or take you to far away places that have been mentioned within the books? Feel free to contact me. I enjoy discussing the characters, places and events and who knows, I may even reveal a secret or two?

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